New Brunswick Debate

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The only province to reject Confederation in an election, New Brunswick's debates between 1865 and 1867 are among the most exciting! Note, due to the low-quality of the records, our OCR software struggled to accurately read the texts. If you find inaccurate text, just delete it and type in the right words!


Sequence # File names Status
10 NB LA Page 026001 Marked as final
20 NB LA Page 026002 Marked as final
30 NB LA Page 026003 Marked as final
40 NB LA Page 026004 Marked as final
50 NB LA Page 026005 Marked as final
60 NB LA Page 026006 Marked as final
70 NB LA Page 026007 Marked as final
80 NB LA Page 026008 Marked as final
90 NB LA Page 026009-edit3107 Marked as final
100 NB LA Page 026010-edit3178 Marked as final
110 NB LA Page 026011-edit3223 Marked as final
120 NB LA Page 026012-edit758 Marked as final
130 NB LA Page 026013-edit638 Marked as final
140 NB LA Page 026014-edit678 Marked as final
150 NB LA Page 026015-edit681 Marked as final
160 NB LA Page 026016-edit3851 Marked as final
170 NB LA Page 026017-edit1543 Marked as final
180 NB LA Page 026018-edit1547 Marked as final
190 NB LA Page 026019-edit3225 Marked as final
200 NB LA Page 026020-edit1669 Marked as final
210 NB LA Page 026021-edit3237 Marked as final
220 NB LA Page 026022-edit3291 Marked as final
230 NB LA Page 026023-edit3309 Marked as final
240 NB LA Page 026024-edit3366 Marked as final
250 NB LA Page 026025-edit3870 Marked as final
260 NB LA Page 026026-edit3394 Marked as final
270 NB LA Page 026027-edit3409 Marked as final
280 NB LA Page 026028-edit3425 Marked as final
290 NB LA Page 026029-edit3840 Marked as final
300 NB LA Page 026030-edit3760 Marked as final
310 NB LA Page 026031-edit3791 Marked as final
320 NB LA Page 026032-edit3820 Marked as final
330 NB LA Page 026033-edit3832 Marked as final
340 NB LA Page 026034-edit3834 Marked as final
350 NB LA Page 026035-edit3904 Marked as final
360 NB LA Page 026036 Marked as final
370 NB LA Page 026037 Marked as final
380 NB LA Page 026038 Marked as final
390 NB LA Page 026039 Marked as final
400 NB LA Page 026040 Marked as final
410 NB LA Page 026041 Marked as final
420 NB LA Page 026042 Marked as final
430 NB LA Page 026043 Marked as final
440 NB LA Page 026044 Marked as final
450 NB LA Page 026045 Marked as final
460 NB LA Page 026046 Marked as final
470 NB LA Page 026047 Marked as final
480 NB LA Page 026048 Marked as final
490 NB LA Page 026049 Marked as final
500 NB LA Page 026050 Marked as final
510 NB LA Page 026051 Marked as final
520 NB LA Page 026052 Marked as final
530 NB LA Page 026053 Marked as final
540 NB LA Page 026054 Marked as final
550 NB LA Page 026055 Marked as final
560 NB LA Page 026056 Marked as final
570 NB LA Page 026057 Marked as final
580 NB LA Page 026058 Marked as final
590 NB LA Page 026059 Marked as final
600 NB LA Page 026060 Marked as final
610 NB LA Page 026061 Marked as final
620 NB LA Page 026062 Marked as final
630 NB LA Page 026063 Marked as final
640 NB LA Page 026064 Marked as final
650 NB LA Page 026065 Marked as final
660 NB LA Page 026066 Marked as final
670 NB LA Page 026067 Marked as final
680 NB LA Page 026068 Marked as final
690 NB LA Page 026069 Marked as final
700 NB LA Page 026070 Marked as final
710 NB LA Page 026071 Marked as final
720 NB LA Page 026072 Marked as final
730 NB LA Page 026073 Marked as final
740 NB LA Page 026074 Marked as final
750 NB LA Page 026075 Marked as final
760 NB LA Page 026076 Marked as final
770 NB LA Page 026077 Marked as final
780 NB LA Page 026078 Marked as final
790 NB LA Page 026079 Marked as final
800 NB LA Page 026080 Marked as final
810 NB LA Page 026081 Marked as final
820 NB LA Page 026082 Marked as final
830 NB LA Page 026083 Marked as final
840 NB LA Page 026084 Marked as final
850 NB LA Page 026085 Marked as final
860 NB LA Page 026086 Marked as final
870 NB LA Page 026087 Marked as final
880 NB LA Page 026088 Marked as final
890 NB LA Page 026089 Marked as final
900 NB LA Page 026090 Marked as final
910 NB LA Page 026091 Marked as final
920 NB LA Page 026092-edit3960 Marked as final
930 NB LA Page 026093-edit4794 Marked as final
940 NB LA Page 026094-edit4029 Marked as final
950 NB LA Page 026095-edit2920 Marked as final
960 NB LA Page 026096-edit2923 Marked as final
970 NB LA Page 026097-edit4112 Marked as final
980 NB LA Page 026098-edit4345 Marked as final
990 NB LA Page 026099-edit4853 Marked as final
1000 NB LA Page 026100 Marked as final
1010 NB LA Page 026101 Marked as final
1020 NB LA Page 026102 Marked as final
1030 NB LA Page 026103 Marked as final
1040 NB LA Page 026104 Marked as final
1050 NB LA Page 026105 Marked as final
1060 NB LA Page 026106 Marked as final
1070 NB LA Page 026107 Marked as final
1080 NB LA Page 026108 Marked as final
1090 NB LA Page 026109 Marked as final
1100 NB LA Page 026110 Marked as final
1110 NB LA Page 026111 Marked as final
1120 NB LA Page 026112 Marked as final
1130 NB LA Page 026113 Marked as final
1140 NB LA Page 026114 Marked as final
1150 NB LA Page 026115 Marked as final
1160 NB LA Page 026116 Marked as final
1170 NB LA Page 026117 Marked as final
1180 NB LA Page 026118 Marked as final
1190 NB LA Page 026119-edit4049 Marked as final
1200 NB LA Page 026120-edit4050 Marked as final
1210 NB LA Page 026121-edit4053 Marked as final
1220 NB LA Page 026122-edit4189 Marked as final
1230 NB LA Page 026123-edit4191 Marked as final
1240 NB LA Page 026124-edit4214 Marked as final
1250 NB LA Page 026125-edit4220 Marked as final
1260 NB LA Page 026126-edit4249 Marked as final
1270 NB LA Page 026127-edit4356 Marked as final
1280 NB LA Page 026128-edit4358 Marked as final
1290 NB LA Page 026129-edit4456 Marked as final
1300 NB LA Page 026130-edit3900 Marked as final
1310 NB LA Page 026131-edit4458 Marked as final
1320 NB LA Page 026132-edit4575 Marked as final
1330 NB LA Page 026133-edit4620 Marked as final
1340 NB LA Page 026134-edit4642 Marked as final
1350 NB LA Page 026135-edit4657 Marked as final
1360 NB LA Page 026136-edit4660 Marked as final
1370 NB LA Page 026137-edit4127 Marked as final
1380 NB LA Page 026138-edit4661 Marked as final
1390 NB LA Page 026139-edit4663 Marked as final
1400 NB LA Page 026140-edit4681 Marked as final
1410 NB LA Page 026141-edit4703 Marked as final
1420 NB LA Page 026142-edit4871 Marked as final
1430 NB LA Page 026143-edit4886 Marked as final
1440 NB LA Page 026144-edit4887 Marked as final
1450 NB LA Page 026145-edit7221 Marked as final
1460 NB LA Page 026146-edit5583 Marked as final
1470 NB LA Page 026147 Available for editing
26147 NB LA Page 026147-at-1477488989-edit7656 Marked as final
26148 NB LA Page 026148-at-1477488743-edit7382 Marked as final
26149 NB LA Page 026149-at-1477488743-edit7390 Marked as final
26150 NB LA Page 026150-at-1477488743-edit6602 Marked as final
26151 NB LA Page 026151-at-1477488743-edit6685 Marked as final
26152 NB LA Page 026152-at-1477488744-edit7222 Marked as final
26153 NB LA Page 026153-at-1477488749-edit7234 Marked as final
26154 NB LA Page 026154-at-1477488749-edit7235 Marked as final
26155 NB LA Page 026155-at-1477488749-edit7269 Marked as final
26156 NB LA Page 026156-at-1477488749-edit7425 Marked as final
26157 NB LA Page 026157-at-1477488749-edit7278 Marked as final
26158 NB LA Page 026158-at-1477488755-edit7282 Marked as final
26159 NB LA Page 026159-at-1477488755-edit7291 Marked as final
26160 NB LA Page 026160-at-1477488755-edit7294 Marked as final
26161 NB LA Page 026161-at-1477488755-edit7297 Marked as final
26162 NB LA Page 026162-at-1477488755-edit7309 Marked as final
26163 NB LA Page 026163-at-1477488761-edit7327 Marked as final
26164 NB LA Page 026164-at-1477488761-edit7340 Marked as final
26165 NB LA Page 026165-at-1477488761-edit7223 Marked as final
26166 NB LA Page 026166-at-1477488761-edit7342 Marked as final
26167 NB LA Page 026167-at-1477488761-edit7365 Marked as final
26168 NB LA Page 026168-at-1477488766-edit7408 Marked as final
26169 NB LA Page 026169-at-1477488766-edit7416 Marked as final
26170 NB LA Page 026170-at-1477488766-edit5063 Marked as final
26171 NB LA Page 026171-at-1477488766-edit7431 Marked as final
26172 NB LA Page 026172-at-1477488766-edit7434 Marked as final
26173 NB LA Page 026173-at-1477488772-edit7438 Marked as final
26174 NB LA Page 026174-at-1477488772-edit7477 Marked as final
26175 NB LA Page 026175-at-1477488772-edit7466 Marked as final
26176 NB LA Page 026176-at-1477488772-edit7481 Marked as final
26177 NB LA Page 026177-at-1477488772-edit7505 Marked as final
26178 NB LA Page 026178-at-1477488777-edit7515 Marked as final
26179 NB LA Page 026179-at-1477488777-edit7516 Marked as final
26180 NB LA Page 026180-at-1477488777-edit7523 Marked as final
26181 NB LA Page 026181-at-1477488778-edit7524 Marked as final
26182 NB LA Page 026182-at-1477488778-edit7529 Marked as final
26183 NB LA Page 026183-at-1477488783-edit7534 Marked as final
26184 NB LA Page 026184-at-1477488783-edit7541 Marked as final
26185 NB LA Page 026185-at-1477488783-edit7542 Marked as final
26186 NB LA Page 026186-at-1477488783-edit7554 Marked as final
26187 NB LA Page 026187-at-1477488783-edit7577 Marked as final
26188 NB LA Page 026188-at-1477488788-edit7578 Marked as final
26189 NB LA Page 026189-at-1477488788-edit7607 Marked as final
26190 NB LA Page 026190-at-1477488788-edit7663 Marked as final
26191 NB LA Page 026191-at-1477488788-edit7666 Marked as final
26192 NB LA Page 026192-at-1477488788-edit8619 Marked as final
26193 NB LA Page 026193-at-1477488793-edit7726 Marked as final
26194 NB LA Page 026194-at-1477488794-edit7727 Marked as final
26195 NB LA Page 026195-at-1477488794-edit7728 Marked as final
26196 NB LA Page 026196-at-1477488794-edit7733 Marked as final
26197 NB LA Page 026197-at-1477488794-edit7742 Marked as final
26198 NB LA Page 026198-at-1477488800-edit7649 Marked as final
26199 NB LA Page 026199-at-1477488800-edit7774 Marked as final
26200 NB LA Page 026200-at-1477488800-edit5420 Marked as final
26201 NB LA Page 026201-at-1477488800-edit5422 Marked as final
26202 NB LA Page 026202-at-1477488800-edit3345 Marked as final
26203 NB LA Page 026203-at-1477488806-edit5425 Marked as final
26204 NB LA Page 026204-at-1477488806-edit5427 Marked as final
26205 NB LA Page 026205-at-1477488806-edit5444 Marked as final
26206 NB LA Page 026206-at-1477488806-edit7777 Marked as final
26207 NB LA Page 026207-at-1477488806-edit7847 Marked as final
26208 NB LA Page 026208-at-1477488812-edit7885 Marked as final
26209 NB LA Page 026209-at-1477488812-edit7890 Marked as final
26210 NB LA Page 026210-at-1477488812-edit7948 Marked as final
26211 NB LA Page 026211-at-1477488812-edit7971 Marked as final
26212 NB LA Page 026212-at-1477488812-edit7976 Marked as final
26213 NB LA Page 026213-at-1477488818-edit8027 Marked as final
26214 NB LA Page 026214-at-1477488818-edit8030 Marked as final
26215 NB LA Page 026215-at-1477488818-edit8082 Marked as final
26216 NB LA Page 026216-at-1477488818-edit8087 Marked as final
26217 NB LA Page 026217-at-1477488818-edit8123 Marked as final
26218 NB LA Page 026218-at-1477488825-edit8124 Marked as final
26219 NB LA Page 026219-at-1477488825-edit8119 Marked as final
26220 NB LA Page 026220-at-1477488825-edit8147 Marked as final
26221 NB LA Page 026221-at-1477488825-edit8162 Marked as final
26222 NB LA Page 026222-at-1477488825-edit8166 Marked as final
26223 NB LA Page 026223-at-1477488830-edit8207 Marked as final
26224 NB LA Page 026224-at-1477488830-edit8231 Marked as final
26225 NB LA Page 026225-at-1477488830-edit8241 Marked as final
26226 NB LA Page 026226-at-1477488830-edit8271 Marked as final
26227 NB LA Page 026227-at-1477488831-edit8298 Marked as final
26228 NB LA Page 026228-at-1477488836-edit8306 Marked as final
26229 NB LA Page 026229-at-1477488836-edit8325 Marked as final
26230 NB LA Page 026230-at-1477488836-edit8349 Marked as final
26231 NB LA Page 026231-at-1477488836-edit8360 Marked as final
26232 NB LA Page 026232-at-1477488836-edit8368 Marked as final
26233 NB LA Page 026233-at-1477488842-edit8371 Marked as final
26234 NB LA Page 026234-at-1477488842-edit8372 Marked as final
26235 NB LA Page 026235-at-1477488842-edit8376 Marked as final
26236 NB LA Page 026236-at-1477488842-edit8381 Marked as final
26237 NB LA Page 026237-at-1477488842-edit8384 Marked as final
26238 NB LA Page 026238-at-1477488848-edit8391 Marked as final
26239 NB LA Page 026239-at-1477488848-edit8395 Marked as final
26240 NB LA Page 026240-at-1477488848-edit8396 Marked as final
26241 NB LA Page 026241-at-1477488848-edit8399 Marked as final
26242 NB LA Page 026242-at-1477488848-edit8436 Marked as final
26243 NB LA Page 026243-at-1477488853-edit8441 Marked as final
26244 NB LA Page 026244-at-1477488853-edit8448 Marked as final
26245 NB LA Page 026245-at-1477488853-edit8455 Marked as final
26246 NB LA Page 026246-at-1477488853-edit8462 Marked as final
26247 NB LA Page 026247-at-1477488853-edit8423 Marked as final
26248 NB LA Page 026248-at-1477488859-edit8463 Marked as final
26249 NB LA Page 026249-at-1477488859-edit8464 Marked as final
26250 NB LA Page 026250-at-1477488859-edit8467 Marked as final
26251 NB LA Page 026251-at-1477488859-edit8481 Marked as final
26252 NB LA Page 026252-at-1477488859-edit8485 Marked as final
26253 NB LA Page 026253-at-1477488864-edit9156 Marked as final
26254 NB LA Page 026254-at-1477488864-edit8486 Marked as final
26255 NB LA Page 026255-at-1477488865-edit8490 Marked as final
26256 NB LA Page 026256-at-1477488865-edit8492 Marked as final
26257 NB LA Page 026257-at-1477488865-edit9133 Marked as final
26258 NB LA Page 026258-at-1477488870-edit8512 Marked as final
26259 NB LA Page 026259-at-1477488870-edit8529 Marked as final
26260 NB LA Page 026260-at-1477488870-edit4802 Marked as final
26261 NB LA Page 026261-at-1477488870-edit8533 Marked as final
26262 NB LA Page 026262-at-1477488870-edit8554 Marked as final
26263 NB LA Page 026263-at-1477488875-edit8556 Marked as final
26264 NB LA Page 026264-at-1477488875-edit8557 Marked as final
26265 NB LA Page 026265-at-1477488875-edit8482 Marked as final
26266 NB LA Page 026266-at-1477488875-edit8559 Marked as final
26267 NB LA Page 026267-at-1477488875-edit8416 Marked as final
26268 NB LA Page 026268-at-1477488880-edit8635 Marked as final
26269 NB LA Page 026269-at-1477488880-edit8644 Marked as final
26270 NB LA Page 026270-at-1477488880-edit8570 Marked as final
26271 NB LA Page 026271-at-1477488880-edit8647 Marked as final
26272 NB LA Page 026272-at-1477488880-edit8577 Marked as final
26273 NB LA Page 026273-at-1477488885-edit8431 Marked as final
26274 NB LA Page 026274-at-1477488885-edit8594 Marked as final
26275 NB LA Page 026275-at-1477488885-edit8655 Marked as final
26276 NB LA Page 026276-at-1477488885-edit8590 Marked as final
26277 NB LA Page 026277-at-1477488886-edit8650 Marked as final
26278 NB LA Page 026278-at-1477488889-edit8618 Marked as final
26279 NB LA Page 026279-at-1477488889-edit8580 Marked as final
26280 NB LA Page 026280-at-1477488889-edit4801 Marked as final
26281 NB LA Page 026281-at-1477488891-edit8574 Marked as final
26282 NB LA Page 026282-at-1477488891-edit8666 Marked as final
26283 NB LA Page 026283-at-1477488896-edit8420 Marked as final
26284 NB LA Page 026284-at-1477488896-edit8599 Marked as final
26285 NB LA Page 026285-at-1477488896-edit8664 Marked as final
26286 NB LA Page 026286-at-1477488896-edit8573 Marked as final
26287 NB LA Page 026287-at-1477488896-edit8576 Marked as final
26288 NB LA Page 026288-at-1477488901-edit8589 Marked as final
26289 NB LA Page 026289-at-1477488901-edit8656 Marked as final
26290 NB LA Page 026290-at-1477488901-edit8465 Marked as final
26291 NB LA Page 026291-at-1477488902-edit8483 Marked as final
26292 NB LA Page 026292-at-1477488902-edit8489 Marked as final
26293 NB LA Page 026293-at-1477488907-edit8497 Marked as final
26294 NB LA Page 026294-at-1477488907-edit8510 Marked as final
26295 NB LA Page 026295-at-1477488907-edit8514 Marked as final
26296 NB LA Page 026296-at-1477488907-edit8523 Marked as final
26297 NB LA Page 026297-at-1477488907-edit8534 Marked as final
26298 NB LA Page 026298-at-1477488912-edit8545 Marked as final
26299 NB LA Page 026299-at-1477488912-edit8453 Marked as final
26300 NB LA Page 026300-at-1477488912-edit8425 Marked as final
26301 NB LA Page 026301-at-1477488912-edit8346 Marked as final
26302 NB LA Page 026302-at-1477488912-edit8195 Marked as final
26303 NB LA Page 026303-at-1477488916-edit8667 Marked as final
26304 NB LA Page 026304-at-1477488916-edit8244 Marked as final
26305 NB LA Page 026305-at-1477488916-edit8243 Marked as final
26306 NB LA Page 026306-at-1477488916-edit8674 Marked as final
26307 NB LA Page 026307-at-1477488916-edit8074 Marked as final
26308 NB LA Page 026308-at-1477488918-edit8677 Marked as final
26309 NB LA Page 026309-at-1477488918-edit8679 Marked as final
26310 NB LA Page 026310-at-1477488919-edit8933 Marked as final